DenFur ©Corgi Events LLC 2019


August 2nd-4th

Art Show


We want to fill a room full of furry themed artwork and goods. It lets convention attendees enjoy your art for as long as they would like, and even bid in a silent auction. This allows you to display your pieces at a minimal price, while being able to enjoy the convention at its fullest, without being stuck at a table!

Submitting Art

  1. Complete the art show registration form

  2. Wait for a confirmation E-mail

  3. Reply to the E-mail with artwork (or plans for artwork).

  4. Submit one control sheet for all art.

  5. E-mail one bid sheet for each piece of art.

  6. Have an identifying tag on the back of each piece of art brought to the convention.


Full Panel Pegboard $20 - 4′ x 4′

Half Panel Pegboard $10 - 4′ x 2′

Half Table $20 - 2.5′ x 4′ (General Only)

Half Table $10 - 1.5′ x 4′ (Adult Only)


All artists participating in the DenFur Art Show are subject to a 5% commission charge on final total sales.


As an attendee, you are able to bid on as many pieces, and as many times as you would like to make sure you win the pieces you would like.

All payments for won art will be handled at the con. Winning bidders will be listed outside of the Art Show after it closes on the final day of bidding. You will be able to pick up and pay for your art on Sunday.


  • Sign up during the art show. It's Free!

  • Even if you don’t want to bid, feel free to browse the amazing art!

  • BID on the work by marking your bidder number (not your badge number) with your bid on the bid sheet. This will be given to you by the Art Show Staff.

  • WIN with the top bid and the artwork comes home with you!

  • During our final hour on Saturday, if you have a piece you MUST have, and someone has bid against you, this will be your chance to win! Participate in our voice auction type closing where as we close each panel, you’ll get a chance to win right there!

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